Finished, and Improved! The New Grape Nectary!

A few days ago I posted about my nectary. Well after days of testing and tweaking I have finished it!

Download this at the Sims 3 NOW! The New Grape Nectary 

Welcome to the New Grape:

When Petra Emmons was young girl, she dreamed of going to France. As soon as she was old enough she took the first airplane to Champs Les Sims. There she met her two greatest loves; Nikola and Nectar. She spent years mastering the art of gardening and Nectar Making.

When she returned home with her new husband she had a handful of seeds with her. She planted a small vineyard, and started making wine.

While she got her hands dirty and worked in the cellar her husband, Nikola followed his passions of art and sculpture. His works can be found all over the grounds, so feel free to linger and enjoy his dream.

Nikola also had a passion for fresh frogs legs, and stocked his pond with them. When he was not painting a landscape or sculpting a work of art he could be found on the edge of the water fishing.

It was a blow to the community when these two grew old and passed away. Wanting to share their love of Art and Nectar with the world, they willed that their home be opened to the world. Fine nectars are still made deep within the cellars here, but the Emmons’ home, is now a public nectary! It was turned into a lovely community lot, complete with grills, chess, tables, and two tasting rooms. The couple’s remains can still be found on the lot, and late at night you may even see the ghost of an elderly Petra working in her garden. Since good nectar is even better with food, a cafe was opened within the house as well!

Sims are welcome to tour the lot, taste the nectar, and if no one is looking you can sneak away and Woo Hoo in the Emmons bed! There are many exciting surprises found on the grounds. Along with the rare and foreign plants in the vineyard, you can find special guests in the gardens. (Gnomes seem to just show up!) While sipping nectar in the deepest cellar, read a book or three. Things that were dear to the Emmons’ can be found everywhere!

Lot Info:

Size: 40×40

Unfurnished: 50,740

Furnished: 104,829

EPS Required: World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets (I have Showtime too but I do not think I used anything from it.)

I also used some free store content: Cellar Arch


All three Nectar making skill books are found in the bookcase in the bottom basement. There is a bar of Woohooiun in the bedroom. In the attic is the urns of Petra and Nikola Emmons. There are also 2 bottles of perfect Nectar in the attic made by Petra.

The vineyard has:

All of the plants are perfects condition.

  • 4 apple trees
  • 2 Lime trees
  • 1 Plum tree
  • 1 Pomegranate tree
  • 1 Cherry tree
  • 1 Pomelo tree
  • 1 Banana tree
  • 1 Cranerlet Nuala Grape
  • 1 Gralladina Fran Grape
  • 1 Flame fruit bush
  • 2 Avornalino Grapes
  • 2 Meloire Grapes
  • 4 Watermelons
  • 6 Grapevines
  • 3 Cherimola Blan Grapes
  • 3 Renoit Grapes

The New Grape Nectary

I am working on making a new nectary. So far I am very happy with it! I want to play test it some more tonight. I am going to experiment with it some tonight! If it goes well I will be sharing it!

Here is a sneak peek:


The House and the Family Grows!

Days fly by, and before they know it little Elisi has become a toddler!

There was some house updates too!

A nice hallway was added and a bedroom for Elisi was added!

Jorge and Kamalla taught her how to go potty like a big girl and with some work from both of them she can even walk and talk.

Her daddy bought her an xylophone and she loved it! She learned all she could from it. She was also sent a strange doll in the mail, that she has developed quite a friendship with it.

Karmilla was very excited when she got her very own nectar maker!!

One day Kamilla started to get sick again. Already being a mother, she suspected she may be pregnant once again! Soon she found out for sure.

“How exciting! I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl? Will this be my Heir??”

Here is a better view with the house upgrade, along with a crib for the new baby!

To the Nectary!

As Kamilla’s gardening skill raised she took a trip to the local nectary, The Little Grape. (This is a public lot that I created and and after a little tweaking I will be posting to the exchange)

They have a small vineyard there with plants from all over the world. After gathering some rare and foreign plants she went inside and tried some nectar for the first time.

She fell in love! They had a nectar machine upstairs, and using some of the fruits she had on hand and gave it a try! After making a couple bottles of wine she quickly learned she could make good money at this!

She ran home and planted these new fruits right away, looking forward to the days when she could have her own nectar machine.

Jorge has been working hard and has risen up the ranks at work, earning raises! The money from that, along with what Kamilla has made selling her fruits and veggies they were able to expand the house! Baby Elsi got her own room, and Kamilla was able to invest in a nectar machine!

Kamilla was working so hard, that she even mastered the gardening skill! According to her Collection Journal (new from update 1.38) there are only 3 plants she has not grown yet. One was carrots. How did she miss that?? One will never know, so she ran to the store and got some! The other two are harder, Life plant and the Death Flower. Oh is the Omni not in the journal? She does not have one of those yet either.

Introducing: Elisabeth Bachmeir

Elisabeth Bachmeir: AKA Elisi

First born child of Kamilla and Jorge Bachmeir. She is not the heir, but very loved.

  • Excitable
  • Loves the outdoors






A Happy Addition

The Bachmeir’s wasted no time. Both of them really wanted to have a child.

One morning Kamilla woke up from a deep sleep. She was sick to her stomach and went running for the bathroom.

She was not sure what caused it, maybe she ate something bad.

She continued her regular daily life although her stomach was bothering her.

Along with working her garden, she even learned to play the guitar!

She was playing the guitar when it suddenly hit her! She was totally preggers!

She was happy, even if she hated the maturity clothing.

Kamilla continued to to work in the garden, and even spent time in Azalea Acres Community Garden.

Ahh the joys pf pregnancy, always tired, weird cravings, always have to pee, and you swell up like a balloon.

One night she was out in the garden and her water broke!!??!! She was home alone,but was able to get a cab to the hospital.

Jorge was still at work,but raced to the hospital as soon as he heard!

He was almost late, but he was there for the birth of his first child! What a proud daddy!

Before they could bring the baby home, they had to get a crib. They could not afford to give the baby its own room, but they managed to make room!

What a happy family! Baby Elisabeth looks just like her daddy too!

Both parents love little Elisi, but it has been decided that she could not be the heir. Even though she is not the heir, she is very loved!

The Story Begins: Generation 1!

Kamilla had very little money once she reached Riverview. She had enough to buy the farm of her dreams and put up 4 walls.

It may not be much she thought, but it was home! She was more excited being in a new country, and not really worried how she would make it.

This excitement was quickly turned to worry though. She had no money. She knew she had to get started planting things right away! She visited the community gardens harvesting everything she could. She planted some of it, and saved the rest so she had something to eat. As you see she could not afford a stove or refrigerator.

After a long day digging in the dirt she became very upset! She also could not afford a shower!!! being a neat sim, this was very bothering!! With not other option she snuck into the community pool to use the showers there. It was a long day and she was very tired and decided to nap at the pool too. She was afraid she would pass out if she she tried to make it home.

When she woke up the pool was very crowded! Among the crowd was my sim self!

I guess I jogged there or something, because those are the workout clothing. That is so very not me, because Amanda Mae does not jog! I could not help it, I had to meet me!

Kamilla was still very tired and went home to get a proper night sleep (even if it was really afternoon. She was still adjusting to the time zone changes.)

After tending to her still small garden she went to the market to sell her fruits and vegetables. It was still not much money, but she took any job she could, including selling her best lettuces to Hogan’s Deep Fried Diner!

While out one day she met Jorge Baumman. It was a whirlwind romance that lead to a privet wedding.

After he got a job at the stadium, and with gifts and tax brakes they were even able to build a real home!


It is still a modest home, but they are happy to have it! They look forward to starting their life together, and hope that soon they have a child. They both want to expand their family as soon as they can!




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