A sad loss

So I desperately needed a new computer. My old one was literally being held together by duct-tape. It over heats at the drop of a hat, and constantly reminded me that it needs a new battery. 

So I got a new computer! It is shiny and I can close it! Oh how good it feels to unplug it from the cord!

Like a good little gamer girl, I backed up all of my sims, my custom content, games and ISO files….

Somehow…. I lost everything… Well not everything… Just most of it. Slowly I have hunted down disks, found long forgotten passwords and slowly recovered almost everything. 

Knowing that my beloved sims are gone, along with a ton of custom content… I got sad. I have hardly played since I have gotten the new computer. When I do, it is easily replaceable games that I do not get too attached to. I was pretty devastated about the loss of my supernatural house sims. 

For a while I even had issues finding the copy of that EP, and had to play without it. I had to replace latenight too 😦 I did not realize how much I would miss fairies and witches. Mermaids are okay I guess, but not the same…

I finally have all of that back, with some new stuff now too! I have tons new store content that I have been testing out, and every EP!! I have all but two of the stuff packs now!!! I am pretty excited about that!

So now the depression has lifted, and I can return to the world of the Sims. I missed it, and some how I was afraid to return. Could these little pixels hurt me more?

Is my love of Llamas real, or is that Maxis’ fault? Also, should I be playing spore instead? My son has that… Looks fun…


ANYWAY I am back to sims… I want to do something new… Something I have never done… I am not sure what yet. I may try the supernatural house thing again, or not… 

I think I am going to be playing with some new lots too… I need to go though the blog, and see what all needs updating. That comes after the sims though!


I got Island Paradise!!!

So I am learning about mermaids for  a little while!!! The diving is fun!

Very soon I will be back in Sunset Valley with the Romanovs !!!


I may add Mermaid to the legacy at some point.

The New Grape Nectary

I am working on making a new nectary. So far I am very happy with it! I want to play test it some more tonight. I am going to experiment with it some tonight! If it goes well I will be sharing it!

Here is a sneak peek:


Newest update

Since the game updated, and messed up all of my mods and custom content, I think I will be ditching my current legacy… I am not too sure I want to start a new one, but I kinda do…

I think I will…

New Goal:

Start a new legacy under the same rules, but beat it before the seasons update!

I am not getting the EPs right away, I have learned that doing so always messes things up. The games are always buggy for a while, and the fact that they have two full EPs coming out in such a  short time makes me worry. I will wait until Seasons come out before I buy either of them.

I must admit there are some really fun changes in the new update! I really like the new skin tone sliders! The collection journal is awesome too! I think the collection journal is a little buggy, but I do hope they work that out!


A long time ago I experimented with the Create A World. I was never overly happy with anything I made though. I have an idea I want to try. I want to take the Sunnyville map, and remake the whole city. I recall that map being one of the ones in there. I new my CAW was way outdated, so I uninstalled it. I was not thinking though. I forgot each update means an update to CAW. I now have to wait for the new one to come out. According to The Sims 3 Forum, It should be up any day now.  I do not mind the wait. It gives me some time to test out ideas in edit town mode.

What really surprised me though is that there were people mad that the new update was not done yet. That is just sad people! The people at EA have lives too, and it was a holiday weekend. We should be thankful that they even offer CAW!

Well I am going to go clean up this page, and maybe start a new legacy….

I also have some “real work” I need to get done as well.

I Brake for Genie Babies…

I only recently got the Showtime EP. Overall I am disappointed. I feel it should have been combined with Late Night into just one EP but what ever…

The only aspect of Showtime that I love is the Genies. While playing my legacy family I got the sudden desire to play with Genies and learn more about what all they can do in the Sims. I did not want to mess up my legacy family though, and started a new game just for that.

So, after my Female Sim found a lamp I had the genie grant her eternal happiness and riches. After that I freed the Genie. I of course had him get my sim pregnant. I had to see what Genie babies we like. They had twins, and now I am having him impregnate any female he can find. I am building a town of Genies!!!!!

Anyway, I am going back to the legacy today 🙂