The Story Begins: Generation 1!

Kamilla had very little money once she reached Riverview. She had enough to buy the farm of her dreams and put up 4 walls.

It may not be much she thought, but it was home! She was more excited being in a new country, and not really worried how she would make it.

This excitement was quickly turned to worry though. She had no money. She knew she had to get started planting things right away! She visited the community gardens harvesting everything she could. She planted some of it, and saved the rest so she had something to eat. As you see she could not afford a stove or refrigerator.

After a long day digging in the dirt she became very upset! She also could not afford a shower!!! being a neat sim, this was very bothering!! With not other option she snuck into the community pool to use the showers there. It was a long day and she was very tired and decided to nap at the pool too. She was afraid she would pass out if she she tried to make it home.

When she woke up the pool was very crowded! Among the crowd was my sim self!

I guess I jogged there or something, because those are the workout clothing. That is so very not me, because Amanda Mae does not jog! I could not help it, I had to meet me!

Kamilla was still very tired and went home to get a proper night sleep (even if it was really afternoon. She was still adjusting to the time zone changes.)

After tending to her still small garden she went to the market to sell her fruits and vegetables. It was still not much money, but she took any job she could, including selling her best lettuces to Hogan’s Deep Fried Diner!

While out one day she met Jorge Baumman. It was a whirlwind romance that lead to a privet wedding.

After he got a job at the stadium, and with gifts and tax brakes they were even able to build a real home!


It is still a modest home, but they are happy to have it! They look forward to starting their life together, and hope that soon they have a child. They both want to expand their family as soon as they can!





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