3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath Victorian

Earlier today I posted saying I would make houses for people in thesims3.com. I am so excited to get my first request!

The player who made the request asked for it to be base game and to not be furnished. I did furnish it just a little, but it is left mostly empty on purpose.


FREE To download: 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath

This is one of the pictures I was given as inspiration. As you will see I kinda ran with this:



It is 3 bedrooms with 2 and a half baths

As per the request there is an attic bedroom:



The second floor has the master bedroom, and master bath, along with another bedroom and bathroom. There is also enough room to place a desk or other skill items. I think an easel in the copula room would be good:

Screenshot-42The master bedroom also has access to the balcony, and a fireplace.

The main floor has another copula room, kitchen, dining room, half bath and a sitting area with a fireplace:

Screenshot-43The porch would be perfect for a bench and for sims to sit and gaze at the stars.

The back porch is big enough to fit a picnic table and a bar-b-que for outdoor family dinners.





FREE To download: 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath



My new hobby!

My new hobby is building houses in the Sims! Last night I posted a thing taking requests! I am really excited and off to make my first request in just a moment!

I am also play testing my crazy legacy house! That will be able to be uploaded soon too!

If you like my stuff feel free to make a request! At the moment at least I have the time!!

I will be working on some more community lots too!

Well off to Sim some more…


Maybe I should give up on legacy attempts and just build lots?

Take one million legacy attempts LOL

So yeah I get bored and I forget I even have legacies.

I have started a new one again…

This time it is a completely different story.

I have started with a house, it is a grand house on a hill. (Pictures coming soon and will be uploading it too.)

Summerset Summit

53 Waterfall Way

Sunset Valley

I really wanted to build this house, and I thought it would be cool to have a sim “inherit” it.


Katherine Summerset III

Katherine woke up one sunny day with a dark call. She was informed that an uncle from a far away place called Sunset Valley has recently passed away. She had never heard of the Lord Summerset, and was surprised to find that she is the only living heir to his great estate. Since her uncle had no family the house is all hers. His lawyers tell Katherine that she has to live there, her family must live there for 10 generations to keep the house. If she can not do that, the house will be belong to the city. As long as there is a true Summerset in the house, it will belong to them, at a homestead status.

Although it sounds too good to be true, Katherine sets out, to a new place, a new house, a new life. She spends her last penny getting out of the cab at the house on top of the hill. She is excited that it is all hers, and the view includes a waterfall! Now all she has to do is find a way to keep up with the bills.

She hopes to find a good man in this town too. The only way to keep a family line going is to have one!