I Brake for Genie Babies…

I only recently got the Showtime EP. Overall I am disappointed. I feel it should have been combined with Late Night into just one EP but what ever…

The only aspect of Showtime that I love is the Genies. While playing my legacy family I got the sudden desire to play with Genies and learn more about what all they can do in the Sims. I did not want to mess up my legacy family though, and started a new game just for that.

So, after my Female Sim found a lamp I had the genie grant her eternal happiness and riches. After that I freed the Genie. I of course had him get my sim pregnant. I had to see what Genie babies we like. They had twins, and now I am having him impregnate any female he can find. I am building a town of Genies!!!!!

Anyway, I am going back to the legacy today 🙂



It was a surprise to both parents when triplets were born…

They were not prepared for that, but thankfully Marishka was careful with spending. She still had some of the 20,000 she found leftover, but not much was spent from her two marriages. She had hoped to use that money to start building her vault, but it was more important to spend it on a room for the children and to make sure they all have a bed and the things they need to raise them all.

Masha was the first born of them, and she has her mother’s Ruby Red skin. She is the Heir to the Romanov Line!

Masha Romanov

  • Eccentric
  • Artistic

After her Mishka and Rishka were born. Their traits were randomized, but fitting! Rishka was also blessed by the red skin, but a lighter shade.

Miska Romanov

  • Grumpy
  • Evil

Rishka Romanov

  • Insane
  • Virtuoso

So far they are still infants. Hopefully they will age up well!


With the birth of 3 children Marishka knows she needs Christopher’s help. They may even have to hire additional help. (Can they afford to do that?)

Things are going well between the two, so they will likely stay together. This of course means she will not achieve her lifetime goal. She is content with that though, knowing that her line will live on!

Katrina Romanov

First born, but doomed to never inherit.

She is the only daughter of Marishka and Remy.

Although she is a child of divorce, she feels love from both parents. Her step father even makes time to read to her. She sees her situation as more people to love.

She is still a toddler and her family is working hard to make sure she is educated properly. With the birth of the triplets though this will be hard.

Katrina Romanov:

Daughter of Mariska and Remy

  • Artistic
  • Clumsy

An Introduction to the Romanov Legacy

Marishka Romanov was born in a poor land and had nothing to show for anything when she became an adult. She saved all of the money she could and ran away to another land. She came to a land of plenty.

She is a hard worker, but being raised by beggars, she does tend to mooch from who ever she can. Before coming to this land it was one of her only means of getting by. She hopes and dreams of being a great artist and sculptor. She knows this will never happen in her homeland, so by creating a new start she does all she can to make time for this. Most of all she wants her generations to come to live a better life.

So begins the Romanov Legacy…

Will it end well? Will they become a line of great sculptures? Will they fill a secret underground vault with a mysterious collection?

Only time will tell….

Marishka Romanov

LTW: Be the girlfriend to 5 different Sims

  • Flirty
  • Great Kisser
  • Mooch
  • Artistic
  • Lucky

Being in a strange land became lonely very quickly. Although she wanted to focus on building a home, she found herself wanting to fall in love. She quickly met a Japanese Immigrant Leighton Sekemoto. (I know it says may be of Japanese decent, but for my story he is an immigrant.)

Things did not last long though, and after he heckled her, she broke things off and threw him out of her modest house.

To save and make money, Mariska started harvest wild plants. She also planted a small garden. She learned in the old country that growing your own food saves money, and can earn a small income on anything extra. She also started collecting gems and metals as she can find them. One day she was gathering seeds and gems near the cemetery she found herself feeling brave. She decided to explore the catacombs. She was amazed when she found §20,000.

Right away she ran home and started building a real house! No longer did she have to sleep in a sleeping bag under the stars. For the first time ever she would know the joy of a real bed!

She also created a room to work on her sculpting. Only she would have the key. Finally she could practice her true calling of sculpting.

It was also about this time she met a tourist from France. Maybe it was his accent, maybe his blond locks and charismatic good looks. She married Remy before he had to return to his country. It did not take long  for her to learn he was older than he claimed and only really wanted to move to Sunnyville. The next day after they were married he aged up to an elder!

Outraged by his lies she divorced him and threw him out! She did not know it, but she was already pregnant with his daughter.

Although she will never trust him again, she has aloud him to be a good father. He was there at the birth and for the first day after Katrina was born. Although still a toddler Remy has made a point to be a good father, and for that Marishka is happy.

Shortly after the birth of her first daughter She decided to find a new husband. After being burned twice by fellow immigrants she decided to only date locals.

One day while gathering wild plants she met Christopher Steel. He was fishing, and being the flirt that she is, she introduced herself. It was a whirlwind relationship and they were quickly married. He has proven to be a good step-father too. He became a pro fisherman and is able to keep a flexible scheduled.

The young couple were excited to learn that Marishka was pregnant once again. This excitement was soon replaced with dread when triplets were born. Overwhelmed by 4 young children they do what they can to manage, trying hard to give each child the love and attention they need.

The good thing at least is that Marishka gave birth to two red daughters. The older one is the heir to the line!