Legacy Founder: Kamilla Bachmeir

Welcome the new Legacy


Legacy Lot: 345 Riverblossom Hills Drive

Legacy Trait: Green Thumb (any or every)

Legacy Skill: Nectar Making (only heir)

Meet Kamilla Bachmen

Lifetime wish: The Perfect Garden

  • Green Thumb
  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Lucky
  • Natural Cook
  • Neat

Kamilla Bachmeir,

is an immigrant from Idontknowhere. She has embraced Riverview life, and is hoping to start fresh in a new land! She came from a long line of farmers and hopes to make a new life in this farming community. She does not know what wonderful new plants she will discover here and hopes to learn the gardening of this land.

She also hopes to find a husband quickly, for she knows a farm is hard work. She also looks forward to being a mother, and starting her family legacy!

Although she has taken to this new world, and loves it’s customs, she can not completely let go of her past in Idontknowhere.


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