A Happy Addition

The Bachmeir’s wasted no time. Both of them really wanted to have a child.

One morning Kamilla woke up from a deep sleep. She was sick to her stomach and went running for the bathroom.

She was not sure what caused it, maybe she ate something bad.

She continued her regular daily life although her stomach was bothering her.

Along with working her garden, she even learned to play the guitar!

She was playing the guitar when it suddenly hit her! She was totally preggers!

She was happy, even if she hated the maturity clothing.

Kamilla continued to to work in the garden, and even spent time in Azalea Acres Community Garden.

Ahh the joys pf pregnancy, always tired, weird cravings, always have to pee, and you swell up like a balloon.

One night she was out in the garden and her water broke!!??!! She was home alone,but was able to get a cab to the hospital.

Jorge was still at work,but raced to the hospital as soon as he heard!

He was almost late, but he was there for the birth of his first child! What a proud daddy!

Before they could bring the baby home, they had to get a crib. They could not afford to give the baby its own room, but they managed to make room!

What a happy family! Baby Elisabeth looks just like her daddy too!

Both parents love little Elisi, but it has been decided that she could not be the heir. Even though she is not the heir, she is very loved!


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