To the Nectary!

As Kamilla’s gardening skill raised she took a trip to the local nectary, The Little Grape. (This is a public lot that I created and and after a little tweaking I will be posting to the exchange)

They have a small vineyard there with plants from all over the world. After gathering some rare and foreign plants she went inside and tried some nectar for the first time.

She fell in love! They had a nectar machine upstairs, and using some of the fruits she had on hand and gave it a try! After making a couple bottles of wine she quickly learned she could make good money at this!

She ran home and planted these new fruits right away, looking forward to the days when she could have her own nectar machine.

Jorge has been working hard and has risen up the ranks at work, earning raises! The money from that, along with what Kamilla has made selling her fruits and veggies they were able to expand the house! Baby Elsi got her own room, and Kamilla was able to invest in a nectar machine!

Kamilla was working so hard, that she even mastered the gardening skill! According to her Collection Journal (new from update 1.38) there are only 3 plants she has not grown yet. One was carrots. How did she miss that?? One will never know, so she ran to the store and got some! The other two are harder, Life plant and the Death Flower. Oh is the Omni not in the journal? She does not have one of those yet either.


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