A sad loss

So I desperately needed a new computer. My old one was literally being held together by duct-tape. It over heats at the drop of a hat, and constantly reminded me that it needs a new battery. 

So I got a new computer! It is shiny and I can close it! Oh how good it feels to unplug it from the cord!

Like a good little gamer girl, I backed up all of my sims, my custom content, games and ISO files….

Somehow…. I lost everything… Well not everything… Just most of it. Slowly I have hunted down disks, found long forgotten passwords and slowly recovered almost everything. 

Knowing that my beloved sims are gone, along with a ton of custom content… I got sad. I have hardly played since I have gotten the new computer. When I do, it is easily replaceable games that I do not get too attached to. I was pretty devastated about the loss of my supernatural house sims. 

For a while I even had issues finding the copy of that EP, and had to play without it. I had to replace latenight too 😦 I did not realize how much I would miss fairies and witches. Mermaids are okay I guess, but not the same…

I finally have all of that back, with some new stuff now too! I have tons new store content that I have been testing out, and every EP!! I have all but two of the stuff packs now!!! I am pretty excited about that!

So now the depression has lifted, and I can return to the world of the Sims. I missed it, and some how I was afraid to return. Could these little pixels hurt me more?

Is my love of Llamas real, or is that Maxis’ fault? Also, should I be playing spore instead? My son has that… Looks fun…


ANYWAY I am back to sims… I want to do something new… Something I have never done… I am not sure what yet. I may try the supernatural house thing again, or not… 

I think I am going to be playing with some new lots too… I need to go though the blog, and see what all needs updating. That comes after the sims though!