The House and the Family Grows!

Days fly by, and before they know it little Elisi has become a toddler!

There was some house updates too!

A nice hallway was added and a bedroom for Elisi was added!

Jorge and Kamalla taught her how to go potty like a big girl and with some work from both of them she can even walk and talk.

Her daddy bought her an xylophone and she loved it! She learned all she could from it. She was also sent a strange doll in the mail, that she has developed quite a friendship with it.

Karmilla was very excited when she got her very own nectar maker!!

One day Kamilla started to get sick again. Already being a mother, she suspected she may be pregnant once again! Soon she found out for sure.

“How exciting! I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl? Will this be my Heir??”

Here is a better view with the house upgrade, along with a crib for the new baby!


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