I got Island Paradise!!!

So I am learning about mermaids for  a little while!!! The diving is fun!

Very soon I will be back in Sunset Valley with the Romanovs !!!


I may add Mermaid to the legacy at some point.


Petjer gets married

It was not a big ceremony or anything, but Petjer got married.  He married Anne Song, a Sunset Valley Townie.

Anne Song Romanov

Anne Song Romanov

LTW: CEO of a Mega-Corporation

  • Hot headed
  • Artistic
  • Snob
  • Ambitious
  • Lucky 

Now that she is working in the business career path at Doo Peas Tower, maybe they can buy that tract of land they always dreamed of!

Meet My new Legacy Founder:

Petjer Romanov Sim

Petjer Romanov

LTW: Save 30 lives as a firefighter


  • Family Oriented
  • Lucky
  • Athletic
  • Brave
  • Flirty

The first time I made this sim he glitched. I am not sure why but I ended up having to remake my sim and starting over… Sigh…

I have not gotten far with this at all

Okay So here we Go again

I am trying this again, I know I have said this before.

Truth is, I have never finish a legacy… I hope this is the one!

The Romanov Legacy

*Please note, this is in no way connected to the Romanov Line of Russia. I have a deep love for eastern European names.

I am taking advantage of the new ability to own more than one home lot. I am also taking advantage of roommates while not living in the Legacy Lot. My Legacy founder has bought a small 2 bedroom house and is getting a roommate (and a murphy bed for them hehehe). I will save up and but the Legacy Lot, and fully build the house before moving in. Updates can be made later but I want it to have 3 floors, and 5 bedrooms before anyone lives there.

Goals and Points:

  • 100pts Finish building Legacy Lot
  • Heir must have non human skin tone.
  • NO Cheats (-5pts each time)
  • 100pts for each LTW completed
  • 25pts for each child born
  • + 5pts for each hidden trait born with
  • +5pts for each skill point reached before teen
  • +10pts learn to drive before teen
  • +25pts for non human skintones
  • -50pts if family member dies. (This does not include aging up, or if the person has moved out.)
  • +20pts for each additional property purchased
  •  +20 points if roommate dies from weird situation (like the murphy bed)
  • +100pts After the 5th Generation include Alien DNA in legacy (-50pts if early)
  • +100pts to include Plant Sim to household after 5th (-50pts if early)
  • No non humans before 3rd Generation
  • +20 points for each skill mastered
  • +30 points for each hidden skill unlocked