Okay So here we Go again

I am trying this again, I know I have said this before.

Truth is, I have never finish a legacy… I hope this is the one!

The Romanov Legacy

*Please note, this is in no way connected to the Romanov Line of Russia. I have a deep love for eastern European names.

I am taking advantage of the new ability to own more than one home lot. I am also taking advantage of roommates while not living in the Legacy Lot. My Legacy founder has bought a small 2 bedroom house and is getting a roommate (and a murphy bed for them hehehe). I will save up and but the Legacy Lot, and fully build the house before moving in. Updates can be made later but I want it to have 3 floors, and 5 bedrooms before anyone lives there.

Goals and Points:

  • 100pts Finish building Legacy Lot
  • Heir must have non human skin tone.
  • NO Cheats (-5pts each time)
  • 100pts for each LTW completed
  • 25pts for each child born
  • + 5pts for each hidden trait born with
  • +5pts for each skill point reached before teen
  • +10pts learn to drive before teen
  • +25pts for non human skintones
  • -50pts if family member dies. (This does not include aging up, or if the person has moved out.)
  • +20pts for each additional property purchased
  •  +20 points if roommate dies from weird situation (like the murphy bed)
  • +100pts After the 5th Generation include Alien DNA in legacy (-50pts if early)
  • +100pts to include Plant Sim to household after 5th (-50pts if early)
  • No non humans before 3rd Generation
  • +20 points for each skill mastered
  • +30 points for each hidden skill unlocked

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