Newest update

Since the game updated, and messed up all of my mods and custom content, I think I will be ditching my current legacy… I am not too sure I want to start a new one, but I kinda do…

I think I will…

New Goal:

Start a new legacy under the same rules, but beat it before the seasons update!

I am not getting the EPs right away, I have learned that doing so always messes things up. The games are always buggy for a while, and the fact that they have two full EPs coming out in such a  short time makes me worry. I will wait until Seasons come out before I buy either of them.

I must admit there are some really fun changes in the new update! I really like the new skin tone sliders! The collection journal is awesome too! I think the collection journal is a little buggy, but I do hope they work that out!


A long time ago I experimented with the Create A World. I was never overly happy with anything I made though. I have an idea I want to try. I want to take the Sunnyville map, and remake the whole city. I recall that map being one of the ones in there. I new my CAW was way outdated, so I uninstalled it. I was not thinking though. I forgot each update means an update to CAW. I now have to wait for the new one to come out. According to The Sims 3 Forum, It should be up any day now.  I do not mind the wait. It gives me some time to test out ideas in edit town mode.

What really surprised me though is that there were people mad that the new update was not done yet. That is just sad people! The people at EA have lives too, and it was a holiday weekend. We should be thankful that they even offer CAW!

Well I am going to go clean up this page, and maybe start a new legacy….

I also have some “real work” I need to get done as well.


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