I Brake for Genie Babies…

I only recently got the Showtime EP. Overall I am disappointed. I feel it should have been combined with Late Night into just one EP but what ever…

The only aspect of Showtime that I love is the Genies. While playing my legacy family I got the sudden desire to play with Genies and learn more about what all they can do in the Sims. I did not want to mess up my legacy family though, and started a new game just for that.

So, after my Female Sim found a lamp I had the genie grant her eternal happiness and riches. After that I freed the Genie. I of course had him get my sim pregnant. I had to see what Genie babies we like. They had twins, and now I am having him impregnate any female he can find. I am building a town of Genies!!!!!

Anyway, I am going back to the legacy today 🙂


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