It was a surprise to both parents when triplets were born…

They were not prepared for that, but thankfully Marishka was careful with spending. She still had some of the 20,000 she found leftover, but not much was spent from her two marriages. She had hoped to use that money to start building her vault, but it was more important to spend it on a room for the children and to make sure they all have a bed and the things they need to raise them all.

Masha was the first born of them, and she has her mother’s Ruby Red skin. She is the Heir to the Romanov Line!

Masha Romanov

  • Eccentric
  • Artistic

After her Mishka and Rishka were born. Their traits were randomized, but fitting! Rishka was also blessed by the red skin, but a lighter shade.

Miska Romanov

  • Grumpy
  • Evil

Rishka Romanov

  • Insane
  • Virtuoso

So far they are still infants. Hopefully they will age up well!


With the birth of 3 children Marishka knows she needs Christopher’s help. They may even have to hire additional help. (Can they afford to do that?)

Things are going well between the two, so they will likely stay together. This of course means she will not achieve her lifetime goal. She is content with that though, knowing that her line will live on!


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